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A beautiful wallet
2009-Mar-12 22:34

The weather is so fine that I go shopping with my friends,I want to buy a wallet which is suitable for my dressing,however,I felt disappointed as I do not find the satisfactory wallet.

I feel tired,so I ask my friend to have a rest and eat something.When I go by the boutique,I suddenly saw a beautiful,I am absorbed and stop,my friend ask:?±what happened??±It is so beautiful?±What is beautiful??±?±The wallet in the shop?±,I go into and ask the seller what the brand of it.?±Coach Wallet 10275,it is the newest products in the market,and Coach Wallet 10275 are sold well all over the world.?±?±I want to know the price?±The price of it is so cheap that people in different can afford to buy?±

After a while,I decide to buy because I think you can find the satisfactory products are not easy,I do not want to miss it.


The wonderful competition
2009-Mar-12 22:33

As we all know,Beckham was an outstanding footable player,he also got the respect among his fans.He wore Footable Star Jersey 10 to play his last competition in his life.Backham was a handsome and famous footable player,he had won many competitions,what??s more,he also got the highest honor,he decided to end his footable career as her age increasing.

When his fans heared the news that Backham would drop out of the footabel trade.They expected to watch a wonderful competition.

Many fans let out a sudden scream when Backham entered the playgroud.He became more handsome than before because he wearing Footable Star Jersey 10.

At the last time for Backham,many people enjoyed a wonderful competition which would mark in fans?? mind.


The story about hat
2009-Mar-12 22:31

There was a girl named Anna,her hair had fallen off as she undertoke the cancer chemotherapy.She was a sensible girl who working hard,she was lively as usual.The hair had fallen off which made her felt uncomfortable.So her mother bought SF Hats 04,but she became conspicuous as others never wearing hat.The headteacher was a woman who were kind,she understood Anna??s distress,she annouced to all students:?±All students should wear hat you love from next week,the more unfamiliarer,the more better.?±

Anna went to school,she touched the hat she wearing with tears when she entered the school,But she was keen eager to study,so she let her mother come with her

Anna found that all her classmates wearing hats with different colours.C    omparing with their unfamiliar hats,she felt SF Hats 04 was countrified,she dissolved into helpless laughter.

From then on,she had no obstacle to go to school,and enjoy life with her classmates,some students foegot wearing hat,some students still wore.Everyone had forgotten that Anna did not have hair.Anna also forgot she wearing SF Hats 04 as usual.


How to wear shoes healthy
2009-Mar-7 02:04

Sports footwear and comfortable, soft, durable and resistant. Nike Air Force one was a good brand. But normal wear, easy walk for health "dry". "Moisture" means "feet wet", the doctor called beriberi. "Sweat is secreted by the body for survival and reproduction of fungi caused. Feet people, especially interphalangeal humidity is very difficult to spread, the shoes are always wet inside, so that the mold and created good conditions for reproduction, thus that easy to use shoes Health beriberi. "
So bring sports shoes how to prevent students "beriberi" means? The method is very simple, it is necessary to keep the shoes clean and dry, so regular brushing (do not wash with soap rubber part), took the shoes after night, ventilated area. Best Buy alum dehydration (ie, anhydrous alum) or calcium chloride anhydrous, calcium can also use a gauze wrap, evening shoes, absorption of moisture in the gas, the following morning and ended in gauze for reuse in order to exercise all the day to keep dry shoes. Furthermore, attention should be paid to wear shoes feet healthy, do not give the opportunity to breed mold "beriberi" will be able to mitigate or avoid repetition.

How to chooes the sport shoes
2009-Mar-7 02:03

The selection of shoes, you need surgery carefully, nike air force one is a comfortable shoes air bridge to select a variety of professional sports as a separate item to your performance - in order to avoid vibration cushions, ongoing joint damage, easy to maintain the size of the forces .This is easy to reduce the normal three. Exercise the same, but not always wear shoes. Biomechanical sports shoes must be completed. Characteristics of shoes, Air Force One Bird Nest cushions that some games, as well as support for stability, you - should be able to maintain a balance between the legs of the most important things is important to a member of the family. All these factors and the foot rest and exercise, leg or back injury is necessary to help non-smoking.
Flexibility so that the foot is important, even sweating - outsole absorb, the heel of the shoe should be strong and continuous interest in breath air permeability.
The selection of sneakers, a big fast and shoes, shoes, under the tongue 'that is necessary to ensure the extensor toe straps and neck protection. Soft soles, and cut to absorb the impact of illumination on the impact - resistant soles, and robust and should soften the impact of the underlying ideas.
Sports socks, sports, space reserved for the information on the front end of the order should be looking for shoes, shoes, feet in the deficit than to specify the length of 2 ~ 3cm. New shoes, walking shoes with long loose abrasives, Pete - moisture content of air-conditioning, legs, feet, dry clothing can help prevent the swelling can be used in space.

The best shoes for your feet
2009-Mar-7 02:02

With the bones of the feet of all our scientific and bone complex 26 with a foot walk from the contact points close movement of people who know the course person in front of the press and on foot through the friction of muscular coordination have a minimum. So a good shoes is needed. The adidas original was a best choice . In the area of performance, the man of my enthusiasm for good in the first step necessary to this kind of work before the process of conflict analysis: 80% of the participants is in contact with the outside of the heel over time . The adidas response can do it. The first axis is to the distribution of a foot injury caused by a distorted impact on the ground just outside the heel when walking is a great potential as a natural way. Heel normal - because of the vertical displacement, the position of the first stop outside of the administrative group of the nerves and muscles, the external surface than the floor. "They can also advance to the strong core.

Shoes free shipping
2009-Feb-24 16:47

Because the emergency of economic,the onestoptown was promoted the discount program that was ?°Shoes free shipping?±,if you buy 3 pairs of shoes from our website,we can provide shipping free,it was a good news for someone who want to buy good shoes at the lowest price. We have a series of cheap adidas.All our product are 20% sales off.It was a good chance for everyone to get a one for yourself or sent to your family as present.We focus on the campus ,so we have the items of adidas campus, which was their favorite. It was so fashion,and make people more better full of sunshine. Even the economic crisis, we also can wear the shoes we like.And It was really a well brand in the market.So its sales was keep balance on the high level.This was the attractive of it.


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